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The Only One

By Madison Hardy

My work brings together my love for the beauty of functional objects, my passion for sustainability and my sense of design.

I walk through the world looking for possibilities in everything 

When I was a little girl my favorite past time was searching out little things off the ground that I could add to my collection a in a small box in my room. I scoured beaches, school black tops, and gutters between my walk to and from elementary school.  My intentions for the microscopic objects were unclear, but one thing was,. I loved these small things that others had thrown out and somewhere them I saw potential.  It is possible that this is an inherited gift, as I can remember in high school coming home to find my mom lining the garden with whipits she had found by the dumpster. The results of our labors filled us with happiness and surprisingly intrigued others. After traveling and studying, I now find myself in San Francisco. My desire to design has proven in-suppressible however, the new issue is space. San Francisco is a playground for those with microphelia (a word I created for an obsession for the small neglected trinkets that littler the city) and I am one of its main players.  This jewelry line is not only a social obligation for me but also an undeniable passion. My days are now spent collaborating and creating these pieces for you to wear. Everything from the jewelry to the tags to the bags is one hundred percent recycled, green, sustainable, local, and sure to draw your friends in closer for a look at that unusual trinket strung around your neck. Just say, “I’m wearing the world around my neck, and I’m saving the world by putting my neck out there.” Besides, I know that deep in the heart of every woman is the conviction that there is something about her that is ‘just a little different,’ an individual charm which serves to make her personality stand out from the commonplace crowd. 

Help me to close the loop of reuse by purchasing a salvaged item.